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Jeff peoples

Introducing Jeff Peoples, an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple successful exits. Jeff founded Window Book in 1988, a software company that revolutionized cost savings for businesses in mailing, shipping, logistics, and compliance. He sold the company in 2022 after leading it for decades in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Jeff, originally from New York and raised in Connecticut, graduated early from a boarding high school and holds a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado Boulder. He is a respected public speaker, featured on numerous TV news shows, and has a certificate in AI and business strategy from MIT.

Alongside his career, Jeff has ventured into real estate with Peoples Realty. Currently based in Florida, he is dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses through technology and services that provide them with greater time and financial freedom. Jeff is a registered investment adviser and invests in companies and technologies that create positive change in the world.

Jeff is actively engaged with the exponential technology and AI community, including Abundance 360 Mastermind and business growth groups like Board of Advisers. He has a strong connection to Divineconnection.com and holds a deep spiritual faith. Let’s warmly welcome Jeff Peoples!